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About Me

Hello, my name is Melissa Eberle, I am a Professional, Registered Counsellor. I studied for over 5 years with The Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors to gain my Diploma in Professional Counselling and Advanced Study Majors in Addictions, Grief and Loss, Conflict Resolution, Couple and Family Counselling, and have also completed the Applied Neuroscience and Brain Health Professional Development Program. I undertake Ongoing Professional Development to ensure my skills are current and I receive ongoing professional supervision from a Registered Supervisor to ensure best practice is being provided to my clients.  I am a registered member of The Australian Counselling Association, (this professional body governs my practice, ensuring that I adhere to strict ethical guidelines). I also hold professional memberships with: The Neuroscience Academy, The Mental Health Academy, Family Drug Support (where I am also a volunteer telephone counsellor and support group facilitator) and The Alliance for Suicide Prevention (Sunshine Coast). Additionally I founded and facilitate the support group, “A Different Kind Of Love” for female survivors of Domestic and/or Family Violence. 

I am the proud owner of Shine Counselling, a Professional, Registered Counselling Service. I thoroughly enjoy counselling my clients, and I'm dedicated and passionate to being a supportive, genuine, caring and empathetic guide, who shares my knowledge and expertise, assists my clients to make empowered decisions about their lives and work collaboratively with them to explore different strategies to cope with and overcome their life's difficulties.

Client Testimonies

Dean - "Hi Melissa, I just wanted to thank you for your support to helping me mange my mental health. You have given me good strategies and I trust you. I feel blessed to have found you as my care giver. I hope you have a nice day."

Jill - "Melissa warmly welcomed me into her cosy office, offering me a glass of cool water as I sat in a comfie chair. Immediately, I felt at ease. Melissa listened attentively and always validated what she heard me say. She gave feedback and strategies for managing my concerns. Melissa is a insightful, patient and caring counsellor and I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking clarity and support."

Lynn - "I've been to a lot of Counsellors and Psychologists over the years, but I've never felt as comfortable as I do in my sessions with Melissa, in fact I've actually wanted to come to our appointments as each session I've learnt things and I'm putting them into practice and in the last 6 weeks I'm seeing major improvements in my life."


Michelle - "Melissa helped me by getting a better understanding of my partners addiction. She not only guided me to have a better understanding of it, but she helped me to communicate better in my relationship, and to fully understand where my partner and I were at. The guidance and support she gave my partner and I, helped us to understand the current issues at hand and what obviously needed to be worked out. My time with Melissa was always very constructive and no matter what, she would always check on me or my partner if she had not heard from us. She goes above and beyond with her clients. With her reach, she helped pull my family back into a place that we were able to reconnect. All round Melissa helped me with a lot of different situations in my life, not only one!"

Anne - "Melissa helps me in a way that no-one else can."

Julie - "Everyone needs a "Melissa" in their life, my family is very lucky to have one. Melissa is my go-to when things are going tough, not only is she very professional but also very compassionate. She has the amazing ability to translate my confusion & anxiety into English & make me understand why & where it's coming from. My current relationship would be over, if it wasn't for her words of wisdom & clarity. I can't recommend her enough. If you are having any doubt about ANYTHING in your life, please take the time to have a chat with Melissa, you will not regret it. My words here don't do the service that Melissa provides justice. Thank you for everything..!!"

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